The story of our video

Posted on October 31st, by Georgina-Kate in news. 4 comments

Every crowdfunding campaign is supposed to include a video pitch.

Ours had been months in the planning.

However (as with many stages on this journey) things don’t always go as one hopes!

I’ve been lucky enough to have some very talented people offer their time to this project, without charge. But inevitably that means their paid work has had to remain a priority.

Unfortunately, not one, but two film studios had to pull out of working with us for this very reason – the second forced to do so just days before we were due to shoot!


Despite my best efforts, it became impossible to film the ideas we’d planned on my own. And so I ended up (three days before launch) in my dad’s makeshift studio, in the garden shed, pitching in front of a white screen.

When I saw the edit, I cried.

It was bloody dull. I was far too nervous. It. Just. Didn’t. Work.

So! I did what any English gal would do – slicked on some red lipstick (because that cheers up any situation, right?) and hustled my reluctant father down to my favourite bench at the end of my road, to film in the last of the Autumn day’s light.

There I perched, with an audience of cackling sea birds, and said what I wanted to say. That’s it.

This video pitch isn’t clever, or fancy, or over-produced. It’s honest and…what can I say? I did the best I could.

I hope you like it. I hope you’ll share it. And I hope it will encourage you to pledge.

The crowdfunding campaign is launching TOMORROW! (Can you believe it?)

It’s so important that – if you’re thinking of pledging – you do so in the first 24 hours.

This will not only create an early spike (which will encourage others to back us), but if we raise a lot of money in the first few days, we can shout about it to the press and drum up further support!

We’ll be live from midnight. Let the countdown begin!


4 responses to “The story of our video”

  1. Zerrin says:

    Very enlightening and to the point.

  2. YimYam says:

    A brilliant and inspiring video that really gets the story of The Seed Africa across. I loved it. Well done!

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