Keeping our seed in blossom

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Two years ago, we launched a crowdfunding campaign. From the seed of an idea, in five weeks we raised nearly £7,000 from 134 people.

Our philanthropic flashmob was born.

Now we want to see if we can do it again!

Since raising a boarding school scholarship for our aspiring doctor in 2012, her transformation has been remarkable. But unless we can raise the funds to keep her there, the dream ends now.

For Lelo to go back to school next year, we need to raise £4,200 in the next 30 days!

Why should you help?

Educate a girl and plant a seed to change the world!

Educated girls start a powerful ripple effect which positively impacts their family, community and nation – stopping the cycle of poverty dead in its tracks.

If education is like water to that seed, then boarding school is fertilizer! And to create leaders, scholars and doctors in the next generation, we must educate to this higher level.

In our first crowdfunding campaign, we offered tshirts, bags and prints as rewards. This time, it’s all about Lelo. Invest in her and she will thank you with a personal card, letter, painting or poem.

Invest in her and you will change, not just her life, but that of every future generation.

So make a pledge. Make a change.

Together, we can plant a seed to change the world.

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