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I started The Seed in the belief that we all have the power to change the world – and that when we get together, we can bring about extraordinary change. 

You guys have absolutely proved that theory!

The crowdfunding’s got off to an incredible start. I feel humbled saying that £1,100 was pledged on day one alone, and that we’ve currently raised £1,380 from 21 backers. Thank you!

(Our video pitch has also been viewed nearly 200 times on YouTube!)

However, it doesn’t stop there! Unless we hit our £6,700 target, we’ll have to give all the money back and Lelo won’t be able to fulfil her dream.

With this early success inspiring us, now is the time to shout louder than ever!

We’re trying to create a philanthropic flashmob and we want YOU to join.

Here’s what you need to do: 

If you’re on Facebook…
make this ———————> your profile picture, and in the comment box, write:

What’s this all about?

If you’re on Twitter, tweet this picture with:

What’s this all about?
(RT!) #grovember

Make it your profile picture too.

For optimum effect, ask a few friends to do the same.

Soon people will be intrigued why we all have the same picture and will want to join our  flashmob too!

The bigger our flashmob > the more money we raise > the longer we can send Lelo to school for!

I know some folk are celebrating Movember (which is ace!) but we’re calling this GROvember! Let’s gro!


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