On 1 November 2012, The Seed launched its first-ever crowdfunding campaign on The campaign ran for 35 days, raising nearly £7,000 from 150 backers.

This paid for a full scholarship to send 15-year-old Lelo to one of the best boarding schools in Southern Africa for a year – and for the first term of her second year too!

In return for each pledge, we offered some great rewards. You can check them out on the blog or click here to view the campaign page.

Many of our amazing philanthropic flashmob repeated their pledge in 2013 – and some even gave more than the first-time round!

In December 2014 we ran a second crowdfunding campaign, which raised £4,400 from 102 people and secured Lelo’s scholarship for another year. Thanks to our community’s amazing support, Lelo is due to finish high school in 2017 and what started as a tiny seed has blossomed into a five-year-old charity with big dreams for our next chapter!

We are planning a third crowdfunding campaign in the near future. Let’s grow!