Christmas come early

Posted on October 30th, by Georgina-Kate in news. 1 Comment

I don’t know about you, but I find Christmas shopping a bit bamboozling!

Most of us are lucky enough to live in a world where, if our loved ones really want something, they can afford to buy it themselves without waiting until the festive season.

That’s why last year I calculated how much I’d normally spend on each of my loved ones, and donated that money to Keep A Child Alive in their honour.

No-one begrudged me this. In fact, they were thrilled!

I’d done a “good deed” on their behalf, and I suppose relieved some of their guilt from not giving more to charity that year.

I want to create an opportunity for you to do the same for some (or all) of your loved ones this Christmas.

So! If you’d like to pledge on someone’s behalf, I’ll send you a special The Seed gift card that you can give them if we reach our target.

You can pledge with confidence that your friends and family will still get something beautiful to open on Christmas day – one of our lovely rewards! And if you’ve friends or family you won’t see on the big day, I can send the reward and gift card direct to their address, and handwrite your message inside the card.

Not only will pledging as a gift relieve you of some of your Christmas shopping duties, but it’s a great excuse to give a little more than you could otherwise justify.

The only thing better than a ‘philanthropic flashmob’ is a ‘festive philanthropic flashmob’!

(Try saying that after a few mulled wines!!)

Consider making a change this Christmas. It might just change the world!



Picture and Africa Christmas tree decoration by AnAstridEndeavor on Etsy

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  1. Astrid says:

    Excellent work you are doing! Good luck with all your endeavors and thank you for crediting the photo and adding a link to my shop- you are a sweetie!

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