A window of opportunity

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The crowdfunding campaign was due to end yesterday, but Crowdfunder kindly offered us a five-day extension.

There are many people who’ve said they’d pledge, but haven’t yet had a chance, so this is a window of opportunity for you (wink wink!)

I can also reveal that I had a meeting with a charitable foundation on Friday, who have promised to pledge £500 next week!

That leaves us with just £1,750 still to raise and, now we’re in December, it’s a great time to pledge on someone’s behalf as a Christmas present or Secret Santa. (A gift that keeps on giving!)

Just as the extension provides a window of opportunity to fulfil our target, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the small window of opportunity we have to change Lelo’s life.

At 15, she’s thankfully still very childlike, but puberty is but a few months away – and when it arrives, her life will change forever.

Her caregivers do a fantastic job looking after her, but as a beautiful young girl, once capable of carrying children, she’s going to catch the eye of men –  young and old alike.

That exposes her to a multitude of risks: rape, HIV, early marriage and having children before her body is ready. All things that will stand in her way of fulfilling her potential.

That’s why I feel so strongly that we use this window we’ve got: to get Lelo into a safe environment, where she’s spared the pressures of society and set on a course focused on education. That’s why I need your help now. Please keep pledging.


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