A seed in blossom

Posted on May 5th, by Georgina-Kate in news. 6 comments

Wow…Haven’t the last few months been a whirlwind? Too much has happened to detail, but the most important thing is WE HIT OUR TARGET!

In fact, after the crowdfunding campaign ended, the pledges kept on coming. In total we raised more than £7,250 in two months and our philanthropic flashmob is 200 strong! Moreover, we’ve proved that together we can change the world.

Hopefully by now you have all received your rewards and I know you’re desperate for an update on our girl!

Well, she started boarding school at the beginning of January and has settled in really well. I flew out to Swaziland* and surprised her and her family a couple of days before, so was able to take her to her first day at high school.

She was so nervous, but it really felt like a dream come true – for both of us – to be walking through those gates and setting her on a course which will change her life. We truly couldn’t have done it without each and every one of you.

Trying on her new school uniform – funded by you – and in the bus park on our way to boarding school

By the time I visited a couple of weeks later, she was a changed young woman! Happy, confident, savvy, more talkative (& with a fast-growing reputation as the best dancer in her hostel!)

For a quiet Swazi girl to move from rural government school to a boarding school where most kids have been privately-educated from the start is a huge adjustment, but she’s holding her own. Her grades have been better than anticipated – and she’s determined to improve them still.

Lelo in her hostel dorm

Because of you, our seed is blossoming. Thank you so much! …Or, as they say in Swaziland, siyabonga kakhulu!


*Self-funded. By coincidence I was offered a job just minutes from Lelo’s homestead, which started in February.

6 responses to “A seed in blossom”

  1. jan fuscoe says:

    Truly inspiring! Go Lelo!

  2. Yim Yam says:

    Well done Lelo! Wishing her all the best with her future!

  3. Such a happy ending! Brought a tear to my eye. Congratulations to both of you. xxx

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