A message from Lelo

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I managed to get a few minutes on the telephone with Lelo tonight, and she wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who’s pledged so far!

She gasped when I told her how much we’d raised…

But gasped again when I told her how much we still need!

She’s a little shy and the line wasn’t great. But here’s her message for YOU:

“Hello. My name is Nomvuselelo. I want to say thank you to everyone.”

Georgie: What else do you want to say?

“Okay, I really want to go to that school.”

Why do you want to go to that school?

“For good education.”

What can you do with a good education?

“To fulfil my dreams!”

What are your dreams Lelo?

“To become a doctor or a teacher.”

Why do you want to be a doctor or a teacher?

“So I could help educate other children and treat the sick.”

What do you think it would do for your family if you got a good job?

“Build a house…”

You would build a house for your family?


When you have children, would you send them to school as well?

“Yea, I will!”

So, if you have a daughter, do you want her to be able to go to school?


And if you were a doctor, you think that will help?

“It will.”

So people must keep pledging?


Two more weeks…and hopefully we will reach our target!

Okay, say goodbye.




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