5 ways to support The Seed

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There’s just 5 days left of the crowdfunding campaign and we’ve still got £4,000 to raise! Can we do it? We can with your help!

I know money’s tight for everyone right now, so here’s five ways you can support without ending up out of pocket. Please commit to at least one today.

1 – Pledge as a Secret Santa gift. 

Are you taking part in a Secret Santa this year? Whether you’ve got your best friend or that guy in the office you’ve never spoken to, pledging to The Seed on their behalf is a unique Secret Santa gift no-one could be disappointed with. Remember, pledge £5 and you’ll get a *secret gift*

(I’m still not telling what it is, but can promise it’s universally cool!)

2 – Give the gift of education this Christmas

Make a pledge as a Christmas present for a friend or loved one and – unlike other charity donations – they’ll still get a lovely reward to unwrap on Christmas day. I can post this direct to the recipient if you’ll be apart on the big day and I’ll include a special Christmas card with every gift pledge.

Even better, why not ditch Christmas shopping entirely and pledge all the money you would have spent to The Seed? I did this last year for Keep A Child Alive and my loved ones were thrilled!

Remember: you can pledge as many times as you like, so don’t be put off it you’ve already pledged!

3 – Donate your Christmas to Lelo

Most of us are lucky enough that we don’t actually need (or necessarily want) for much this Christmas. So why not donate your Christmas to someone who does need it?

Ask your family not to buy you presents this year, but to pledge to The Seed instead, in your honour. I’ll total up the pledges made in your name and make sure you get a nice package of rewards. E-mail me for more information: hello@theseedafrica.com

4 – Feature us on your website

If you have a website or blog, champion this campaign to your readers!

Write a blog about us, coo over our rewards or host our crowdfunding-monitor on your homepage.

Several of our supporters have already done this (thank you Strawberry Soup, The BritPop Bakery, The Bicycle Academy, Recipes4Recovery, Pencil Studio and The Cold Tap Sings!)

5 – Get your friends involved

It doesn’t take a minute to send a tweet, update your Facebook status or turn to the colleague next to you and tell them about The Seed.

According to Facebook, the 136 people who ‘like’ our page have a combined friendship group of 50,413. You popular lot!

But they won’t know about The Seed unless you tell them.

If you can take 30 minutes to direct message a select few, that’s even better!


So you see, with minimal effort on our part, we can change Lelo’s life. But we can only do it if we all get involved. That’s how a flashmob works!

Let’s change the world!



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